Art and Science – (2005)  video crearted using MRI scan images. These images were MRI scans of the cranium of a friend, created while i was working in the radiology department. The images were compiled in photoshop.


Villa Romo – Video (2014) – An experiment in ice-making incorporating poker dice and timelapse to record the melting of the ice. Chance – a metaphor for our decision making – we gamble all the time on things, some people like to estimate the odds more than others.


Buried Alive in Food – Video (2011) – Video of an installation using wheat to explore peoples attitude to food, especially the threat to our food supplies by rising sea-level.

1 Ton of wheat spread and contained in an area of 3 meters x 4 meters. A tidal gauge included showing low water at knee level, and high water some 3 meters above. This may come about some time in the future.