Flux 1. (unfinished)


Flux 2. (unfinished)


Flux 3.


Who’s Who

Is simple numerical identification meaningless? Or do you identify by context only? Does identity as a fixed notion exist? Historically in our story we claim that identity is fixed, with salt, pepper and seasoning added (context), and as such, can it be enforced? Do we mean that numerical identity is fixed, and context is the added seasoning which depends on an individuals taste? However, without the seasoning (context), are the numbers meaningless?


Who and Why

You, as an outsider catch a glimpse of a person in their world,
and you feel able to build up a story about them, whether its true or not!
The painting above shows how the unidentified man, made even more ambiguous by his umbrella, puts him in the context of being cast out from the cathedral of light, where there are many imagined people.


Dark Net

As the name implies, it’s a comment on a communication space that is populated by people with no identity, or fake identities. Does this space challenge us in our rule driven lives?


Affectations Are Dangerous